Active Release Technique


Grant Pretorius, DC, is the only 'Full Body Certified' providers of Active Release Technique (ART) in Farnham and the surrounding villages. ART is know as the "Gold Standard" soft tissue techniques used throughout professional sport in the USA and Canada and it is becoming very popular in Europe too.

ART is a patented movement based massage technique which is extremely effective in treating issues with tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves and fascia. When you have ART with Grant, you can expect him to accurately find your problem, apply the correct pressure on the injury site, and then ask to move in a specific way. This is done while Grant applies specific tension to the tissue which allow the adhesions (scar tissue) to break. The effect is improved movement of the damaged structures, better circulation to the area, and less irritation.

Please take the time to watch the video below (5 minutes) where the inventor of ART, Michael Leahy, further explains what ART is and you will see him demonstrate a technique on a patient's shoulder. 



Active Release Technique (ART) Introductory Video


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What our Clients say

"Having had several years of chronic back and neck pain, after receiving treatment I generally feel freer of pain – more flexible, less stiff and now have coping strategies if pain occurs in between visits. Chiropractic care has freed up my back so I’m better able to play sport. I suffer less pain when undertaking my sedentary job. Everyone is very friendly and I know that when I leave I will feel better than when I arrived. Since coming to see Grant, I feel much more positive about my back health – now and in the future."

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