Chiropractic! How does it work?

In order for you to understand how Chiropractic works, the Chiropractors in Farnham need to start by answering a foundational question.

How does the spine interfere with the nervous system?`

Firstly, a large portion of the central nervous system is housed in the spine. Most of the time the spine does a great job of protecting the spine. However, the spine has a conflicting role during every day life. It has to be both stable and flexible. This conflict makes it vulnerable to injury.

When the joints in the spine do get injured, the body will protect the joint. This is done by creating muscle spasm around the joint to splint it. The reason this takes place is the same reason a broken bone gets put in a cast, to immobilise the injury so it has a chance to heal. Thus the effected area of the spine gets stiff or "stuck". Chiropractors call this a vertebral subluxation complex.

Normal movement in the spine is essential for normal sensory information travelling to the brain. When 2 spinal bones (vertebrae) get stuck, this sensory input to the brain is altered (nerve interference).

The brain can only respond to the information it's given. In this way, it is like a processor, similar to a computer. If the information the brain receives is altered through nerve interference, it's output is altered.

Restoring proper movement to spinal bones helps return the sensory information to normal. This normalises the brain's output. The chiropractors at the Farnham clinic achieve this through various specific techniques adapted to each individual. Normal muscle control returns to the body, making it stronger and less injury prone. Sports enthusiasts love this as it means more time training and less time on the treatment table!

Potentially you may notice other parts of your health improve. You will remember that in our previous Blog, we explained that the nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in the body. The interference explained above may not only effect the muscle control, but other parts of the nervous system too. These are the nerves that control organs, glands and blood flow. Restoration of normal movement can help restore normal control to these areas.  

At 'The Farnham Chiropractic Wellness' clinic we spend a lot of time testing complicated muscle reflexes. When these muscle reflexes are absent the muscle is said to be inhibited, or "weak".

Through sequence of tests and measures we find the area that corrects this "weakness". Our adjustment is then directed to that area. This process not only allows us to find out exactly where the problem is, but also test if the adjustment has been effective. Both the chiropractor and the client can feel the change which is a good affirmation that the communication loop has been returned to normal.