Is the New Year stressing you out?

It’s that time of year again where many of us start to plan out our New Year’s resolutions. The majority of which I hear about involve exercising more, eating better, losing weight, and in general becoming healthier. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to go about achieving this seemingly simple intention.

Here at Farnham Chiropractic Wellness, we view health as a continuum; ranging from poor health and symptoms of disease to optimal health and 100% function. Wherever you may fall on this wellness scale, the important thing is to keep striving towards optimal health.

During my time in practice, I have found that a major factor in determining our overall health is stress. When we hear the term ‘stress’, we generally conjure up an image of a hunched over figure, at a desk, with a mountain of paperwork and deadlines. However, stress can be used to describe a much wider range of conditions.

Broadly, there is good stress and bad stress, and in order to achieve optimum health we need to minimise the bad stress and encourage the good. Positive stress motivates, stimulates, and encourages us to become stronger and better, whereas negative stress reduces our potential.

Bad stress can be divided into 3 groups: Physical Stress (trauma, repetitive strain, poor posture, and a sedentary lifestyle), Emotional Stress (anxiety, depression, workload etc.), and Nutrition/Chemical Stress (diet, hydration, and/or environmental toxins,). All of which have a detrimental effect on our health. These bad stressors can be reduced and eventually eliminated through diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and a good Chiropractic maintenance programme.

At Farnham Chiropractic Wellness we have the latest diagnostic tools and procedures available to measure the impact that stress has on your body; including computerised nerve and muscle scans, blood analysis, BMI and body measurement, electronic body composition analysis, digital posture assessment, and functional movement assessment. This assessment creates a Wellness Score™ (an M.O.T. for the body) and allows us to develop a bespoke 8 week program of Chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness following the 8 Weeks to Wellness™ protocol. This international protocol has had great success and we are the only such provider in the Farnham area.

It is important to me that all our patients move towards optimum health and wellness and be 100% functional.

Chiropractic is the best choice to help get you started down the path to wellness, not only for 2018, but for the rest of your life.

Join us in March / April 2018 for our launch of 8 Weeks to Wellness™ with guest speaker Dr Joe-James Tilley D.C. See our website for further details and to register your attendance / interest.