Chiropractic Techniques

The following techniques are used by our Chiropractors.


The most common chiropractic technique used the world over is called ‘Diversified’. This is characterised by using a high velocity low amplitude thrust (fast but shallow). The thrust is designed to help restore normal movement and alignment to the joints.


This method is very gentle. It uses a hand held instrument which delivers an extremely fast, controlled pulse. This technique is handy for children, the elderly and osteoporotic patients. However, anyone can benefit from this technique.

Manual Muscle Testing

We use this powerful diagnostic tool to find the weak links in our patients' system. The benefit of this is that we can get to the root cause of a problem and don't have to rely on pain to guide treatment. Once our patients are painfree, many still come in to be muscle tested and then treated to stay robust, prevent injury and enjoy a higher level of health and wellbeing.

Drop Piece

This technique uses the specific mechanisms of the chiropractic table. A chosen section of the table rapidly drops in a controlled manner. The problematic area of the spine / body is placed above the drop mechanism and released. The movement induced by that part of the table helps restore proper movement and alignment to the area.

Active Release Technique (ART)

Grant Pretorius is proud to be a certified provider of ART (upper extremity and lower extremity). ART is one of the most powerful fascial release techniques known. It involves contacting the injury site with specialist tension and direction, while the patient moves the injured body part though its range of motion. This quickly breaks down any adhesions in the fascia (soft tissue), restoring function and speeding up healing. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a highly effective soft tissue (muscles, ligament and tendons) technique. A sterile acupuncture needle is used to stimulate trigger points. This helps deactivate the trigger point and allow the soft tissue to work more normally and with less discomfort, more normal tone, and better blood supply.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) and FAKTR

IASTM is a very efficient approach to freeing up tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments. The instrument is made of high grade surgical steel. This type of metal resonates easily, like crystal. This is useful as when we use it on injured areas, as vibration is felt through the instrument when it rubs over the problem. This allows the chiropractor to feel exactly where this treatment is needed. FAKTR is the process of adding movement while treating the problem area.

Cross friction

‘Cross friction’ is a specialised deep tissue massage. Cross frictions is very effective in reducing scar tissue in an injured area. This reduces irritation and improves function of the effected area.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is a specialised elastic tape that has been embraced by elite athletes the world over. Often brightly coloured, you may have seen it worn during Wimbledon, 2012 Olympics, London marathon and other high profile events. Grant and Nash use it in conjunction with their other techniques. Kinesio tape's elastic nature helps with blood flow and neural feedback and helps the effects of treatment last longer.


All patients are educated about the likely causes and aggravators of their condition. This empowers patients to be actively involved in there recovery and rehabilitation. Weekly healthcare classes are run covering topics such as:

  • Introduction to Chiropractic, muscle testing and dry needling
  • The importance of posture and the implications to health.
  • Nutrition made simple
  • Discover Pilates

Guest speakers are regularly featured, look out on our Facebook page and Twitter account to keep updated.