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I had pain in my right knee and hip. Grant was very professional and friendly. The problem was resolved in only a few sessions and I felt much better after the first. I have recommended Grant to a few of my clients.I was very pleased with the results. Thank you very much!

Melanie P, Yoga Teacher, 2008

Having seen a different chiropractor 6 times for these problems with no relief, Grant sorted my neck on the first session! I was so relieved! My back pain took a few more sessions and again, I had a degree of pain relief on my shoulder instantly but was booked into have an operation for this problem anyway. After my operation my shoulder healed very quickly and I am sure Grant helped this with the work he had done beforehand.

Melanie N, Curtain Maker, 2008




Grant was extremely professional throughout the treatment, explained the work he was to carry out on me clearly and I felt at ease from beginning to end. My pain has eased and I feel he has corrected many of my ailments and given me the advice I needed to help myself too! Thank you, Grant.

Cheryl C, Sports Massage Therapist, 2008

My middle back had been causing me VERY considerable pain and discomfort for years. Grant has been treating me for three years and after an initial course, I now have an adjustment every month which helps keep me in shape. At nearly 70 I am still able to carry on a very physical occupation with no discomfort and with great enjoyment. Grant's skill is amazing he quickly finds where the pain is and always relieves it.

Brent B, Buildings Renovator, 2008

I have been using Chiropractors for the past 8 years or so and was fortunate to have Grant treat me for a couple of years before he decided to step out on his own. When I first saw Grant I had problems with my neck and shoulders. In addition to me my wife Elaine and son and daughter were also treated by Grant. We were all very impressed by Grant's knowledge and care and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to see a Chiropractor. We were very sad when he left to set up on his own but we still have a good friend and wish him well in his venture.

Andy D, Managing Director, 2008

I was suffering with chronic back pain, such that I could no longer walk more that half a mile. Additionally, I had intermittent neck pain from an old injury. I have been using chiropractors for almost 40 years. I saw Grant for the usual assessment and review. He explained that my symptoms were largely caused by the muscles surrounding my spine. He used a type of acupuncture called 'dry needling' to address the muscular issues. I had never come across this technique before but the response was immediate. I have subsequently had a couple emergencies with the neck and back which dry needling and manipulation have sorted out very quicly indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Grant and have done to friends and family alike.

Les B, Retired, 2009

I originally went to Grant for a free posture check which he was offering at my place of work. I was hesitant and doubtful that anything could be done to help me. My posture has always been bad but I was now experiencing neck and shoulder aches and substantially more headaches and migraine than usual. Grant did a full medical history and examination and recommended acupuncture and spinal manipulation on my first appointment. The results were virtually immediate, and that evening I felt that my neck and shoulders were much more mobile. After further three appointments I feel better, my mobility is much improved. My neck and shoulders no longer ache and I have still have not had any headaches or migraines, which prior to this treatment were extremely regular and severe.

Yvonne C, Claims Associate, 2009

I was suffering with a shoulder problem that was painful whilst playing cricket. I also was suffering with lower back pain after sports and work. After a few sessions I am now throwing a cricket ball again. Putting my socks on in the morning after a hard day's graft or long sporting activity is easy compared to the struggle it used to be! I am very satisfied and feel stupid that I had left it so long.

Sam P, Builder, 2009

In January 2008 I visited my GP with a painful neck and reduced mobility. The diagnosis was osteo-athritis and I was prescribed paracetamol. In June 2008 I developed lower back pain and pains in my legs when walking. By November 2008 the leg pain was much worse and I visited my GP. While waiting for a referral to a consultant I visited Dr Grant Pretorius in May 2009. After the first visit my movement was much improved and the back and leg pain reduced. Thereafter the improvement has been steady so that I am now fully mobile and virtually pain free. An added bonus is that the neck pain has almost completely cleared and I have not sought treatment for this condition. Excellent!

Dorothy S, Retired Teacher, 2009

Incredible! I'm amazed at how quickly I've felt a difference!

Annie M, Lecturer, 2010

After my Caesarean Section, Charlie developed colic. He was a windy baby and many evenings were spent walking around the house trying to ease his discomfort. It was when I noticed that he was unable to turn his head to one side that I decided to try a chiropractor. I was nervous at first, but Grant was fantastic: he explained exactly what he was going to do and reassured me along the way. What a difference! Charlie was not only able to move his head more freely, but also began winding more easily. I no longer dread feeding times and it is now such a stress-free time. Thank you!

Charlie Y, Baby, 2010

For years I thought I had a "bad" hip. The condition was aggrevated once I had children, and I eventually got to the point where I was in some sort of pain and discomfort everyday. I could only walk short distances without complaint. Grant was recommended to me by an orthopaedic consultant, and after one consultation I felt "cured". My life is no longer planned around what I think my hip can cope with. I wish I had visited Grant years ago!

Bernadette T, Home executive, 2011

Just wish I had treatment earlier, an injury I had that was years old, swiftly on the mend!

Rhonda W, Teacher, 2012

Fantastic place! Friendly and professional service!

Katrina D, Teacher 2012

Best treatment I've recieved with great results!

Justine M, HR Assistant, 2012

I went to Grant with a chronic hip problem which was ruling my life and which, after a course of treatment, has improved so much I barely recognise myself. I am now concentrating on strengthening myself up with the need only for 'MOT' sessions every 6 weeks. His knowledge and approachability, as well as his skill as a practitioner have made the whole experience an excellent one. I have recommended Grant to many people along the way and would say without hesitation that if you've got a problem, go and see him. You absolutely won't regret it.

Kyla P, Court Reporter, 2012

I cannot recommend Farnham Chiropractic highly enough! They fixed problems I did not know I had and some that I thought could not be fixed!

John B, Web Consultant, 2012

I had been taking medication for heart burn and acid in the stomach for about 2 years. At my first adjustment I explained that I had pain in my neck and how I had to sleep sitting up to relieve the heartburn. But sleeping like that made it worse! Immediately after the adjustment, I could feel the relief! I’ve given up the medication and haven’t had any re-occurrence since then! I feel comfortable coming to the clinic, everyone is friendly and helpful. I’ve now been able to take up Zumba, I’ve started losing weight and feel much healthier. Everything has changed for the better!

Elisa L, Retired, 2012

I had been in pain for years and it made me miserable and angry. I had to take pain killers to get out of the door in the morning! Now I feel much better in myself! I'm taking better care of my physical and mental health. I'm less tired, I work better and my stress levels are down. I'm also off the pain killers! The staff at the clinic are great. They're well informed and explain problems in easy to understand language. I would say to others - give it a go! Chiropractors aren't just for top sports stars and showbiz types.

Oscar M, Mechanic, 2012

A big 'thank you' for all your help and treatment to get me back running again. I had been struggling with an ankle injury for 4 months before our paths crossed. In a fairly short time, I was running pain-free again whereas before treatment I could only jog across the road. I’m now back on schedule to compete at the 2012 Windsor Triathlon and it’s all thanks to you!

James B, Chiropractor, 2012

I don't mind falling off my horse quite so much now I know that Grant can realign my poor body! And the preventative program helps keep me injury free in between...!

Jacquie W, IT Management, 2012

Having suffered hamstring problems for some time, I had not been able to train appropriately. After 2 weeks (4 sessions) my injury improved to almost no pain, and in just a few months the difference in my performance has been amazing! Grant has also worked on my back and neck to improve my posture and reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines

Sergio Z, IT Consultant, 2012

I have had back pain for roughly 15 years and have managed it through pain killers, anti-inflammatory tablets and heat packs. After Grant worked on my son’s back to rectify his colic and winding problems, I thought I’d give him a try. I was struggling to pick up my baby and found it difficult to get into a comfortable position to feed him. After just one session I could feel a difference and since having a few more sessions, I am no longer taking any tablets to help me. Grant was completely understanding and provided exercises to rectify the problem. Thank you so much – you have made life so much easier for me!

Lyndsay Y, Teacher, 2012

In May 2014 I was assaulted causing damage to my lower back, hand and the nerves in my forehead. The damage to my back so severe that I couldn’t support my own weight, the pain causing my legs to give way, making it difficult to move and leaving me vulnerable. The assault happened at the same time as I was experiencing strong anxiety over my son’s severe illness. The treatment has increased my mobility to the point of near normality, allowing the healing process to proceed while I continue with my normal life activities and supporting my son. The stages of improvement were reviewed at every adjustment, which in turn helped me understand and feel the benefits. They are a very friendly and responsive practice and their willingness to see me immediately and to give re-assurance concerning improvements and prognosis sets Farnham Chiropractic Wellness apart from other healthcare providers. I would recommend them.”

Clive, December 2014

For about 15 years I have suffered with migraines and a weak neck. I tried everything to control them from physio to medication, nothing seemed to work. The pain was so severe I was in hospital every month. My mum said to try chiropractors to see if they could help, I wasn't hopeful as nothing seemed to work. I went for my assessment with grant, he was convinced I was dropped on my head when I was baby as my neck was so weak. We went straight in to adjustments I had to have quite a few, slowly I was noticing a huge difference. I can't thank Grant and his team enough, I have my life back. I see grant once a month. I have had a few moments where the pain has been so bad they fit me in straight away. They are kind caring and just amazing. What they do shocks me every time. I think it's amazing what they do and I seriously can't thank them enough :)


I was recommended to Grant by a friend as I had awful pain in my lower back which was having a detrimental effect on work and home life. After only a few sessions I started to feel much better and Grant has even helped with a long standing neck injury which I thought could never be sorted out. I was initially very nervous but everyone is very friendly, kind and professional. I would highly recommend.

Gill 2015-16

I have had lower back problems for many years after a skiing accident and was previously seeing a different chiropractor. However, after a car accident a few years ago caused whiplash problems to my neck, upper back and shoulders the treatments didn't seem to be improving my pain much. I came across information about Grant when I was looking into Active Release Therapy and decided to try the Farnham Wellness Centre. It was a really good decision! My old chiropractor pretty much just gave me the same treatment every visit, but Grant does a proper assessment each time to find the problems and then addresses them with a mixture of chiropractics and ART. My neck and shoulders are so much better and various other twinges have also been helped. I would definitely recommend the Farnham Wellness Centre.

Frances H

About 4 years ago I hobbled into the chiropractors bearly able to walk having been told by my doctor there was not much they could do. I had terrible pain in my left knee and could not stand up straight. After a thorough assessment I was advised that I had severe problems with my lower back which was pinching my sciatic nerve. They got to work on my back immediately and after several intensive sessions I could feel an improvement but in the end with the information they provided me with I went back to my doctor and eventually had to have my disc removed. That was 3 years ago but with support from Grant and regular monthly realignments I find I can manage the weakness in my back - I walk straight up not bent and do not have to take any painkillers. I really feel when the doctor appeared to give up the chiropractor worked with me to find an answer. I would recommend anyone with back problems to visit Grant and his team for a sympathetic ear, expert advise, professionalism and a practical answer.

Janet May

Throughout my life I have regularly seen a variety of sports health experts to fix my latest sporting injury to varying degrees of success. Chiropractic wasn’t a technique I was very familiar with but was recommended by a family member. So I tried it out and that is when I met Grant. Grant most definitely has a gift to heal and he shows a great passion for his profession as your well-being. Farnham Chiropractic is much more than just chiropractic as Grant and the team aim to provide a total wellness approach. Grant instils into the team an ethos of continued growth in techniques and practices to help his clients. Grant has helped me through a number of ‘health events’ in my life and got me back to good health quickly but he also practices prevention is better than cure which brings me into the clinic approximately every 6 weeks. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Grant and the services of Farnham Chiropractic.

Martin Q. Programme Manager. Sep16

I had osteo arthritis in my knee for about 10 years. Earlier this year, while on very strong meds, I started seeing Grant to try and ease the pain and help with my posture as I was limping badly. I had several treatments, pre a new knee op, which helped ease it. Post op has been fabulous and Grant has really helped ease the night pain and with his advice I have pretty good movement. The ART has really helped and I feel improvement almost immediately. I have ongoing weekly adjustments to keep on top of things. I've been able to cut back on my meds to almost nothing. I wish someone had recommended you years ago! It's all been life changing thank you.


would highly recommend grant , sorted out a back pain that I was trying to live with. I am now pain free thanks to grant and am able to live an active life.

Ann stubbings